Just after midnight on many weekend nights, individuals in their vehicles are stopped for any number of various traffic violations – right here in Ohio – troupers have put new emphasis on nabbing drug traffickers on route 33 from Columbus through to southeast Ohio.  During a vehicle search, a lot of times the officer will find any amount of prescription painkillers and cash.  The owners will say that the drugs were all prescribed to them and were to treat pain from some type of accident years ago and that they are just traveling from Columbus to Florida for a holiday.  Maybe the officer will just write a warning and let them go – but not that often.

Any individual can be dependent on prescription drugs. Many men and women began taking their drugs for medical reasons, but became dependent. When their prescriptions ran out, they attained the drugs by other means. The abuse of prescription drugs now ranks as 2nd behind marijuana, as the nations most prevalent illegal drug problem, according to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

The problem is not limited to adults.  High School students are being suspended for sharing Xanax tablets at school related events.  Actually, law enforcement officials say teens are some of the most frequent offenders. Knowing the consequences for average, everyday men and women helps me fight the charges for prescription forgery, sale of prescription drugs, prescription fraud and illegal possession of prescription drugs.  The primary goal in all these cases is to prevent a jail sentence.  We can explore alternative sentencing options, including entering a drug treatment center.  Maybe rehabilitation is all that is needed.

The Bottom Line:  The possession and distribution of prescription narcotics is an extremely serious offense, which carries stiff penalties.  It is important to contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who is experienced in defending narcotics cases to ensure the best possible outcome.  Put my mobile number in your phone:  513-260-2099.