Don’t Plead Guilty to a DUI in Ohio Before Speaking to a Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with a DUI? You should always plead not-guilty. If you plead guilty to the charge, you will not have an opportunity to review the evidence against you, and you can’t change your mind later. You will be giving up any chance of evaluating whether the police did everything they were supposed to, […]

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Best Criminal Defense Attorney

If found guilty of a criminal offense, you are potentially facing jail time, significant fines and even forfeit of property, including vehicles and other valuable possessions. It’s paramount that you choose the best criminal defense attorney who has the court experience, litigation success and expert knowledge of the law that is essential to ensuring you […]

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Refusal to Submit to Testing

In Ohio, you can refuse to take a breath or chemical test. Law Enforcement will usually suspend your driver’s license, but that won’t be the situation of your license throughout your case. You will need to hire the best criminal defense attorney who will contest the suspension. There are five ways provided to file a […]

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You Do Not Have to Speak to Police

The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution gives you the right to remain silent and not speak to law enforcement. In Ohio, you must give your name, birthday and address if they have legitimate grounds you have committed a crime. You do not have to say anything else but that you want to call a […]

Fourth Of July DUI in Ohio

The very best way to avoid a DUI this Fourth of July weekend is to not drink and drive. However, this weekend family and friends will gather for barbecues and pool parties to celebrate. Unfortunately, law enforcement sees the holiday weekend as one with a high volume of DUI-related arrests and accidents, and as a criminal defense […]

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Yes, You Can Beat A DUI Charge In Ohio

There must be probable cause to stop, detain, or arrest you for a DUI. If there was no probable cause the evidence, and the case may get dismissed. The police must have a reasonable suspicion or reasonable belief that you are engaged in a criminal activity before they can stop your car, conduct a DUI […]

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Social Host Liability in Ohio

It’s officially Summer and your college students are home. Friends gather at each other’s homes to hang out and catch up from being away for the school year. Your home might always be stocked with beer and booze that you make available to your friends, but your underage student may sneak a few drinks and […]

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Pleading Not Guilty

It’s a near-certainty that when a person is arrested for a DUI, he will be approached by a prosecutor to make a deal —  that is to plead in a certain manner to a certain offense, in return for some concessions.  Never plead guilty before speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney in Ohio. Let […]

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Memorial Day OVI

It’s Memorial Day weekend, the official start to summer 2017. Many of you are planning celebrations – if it involves drinking, make sure that you have a designated driver, the uber app or the number to a cab company plugged into your phone. Avoid drinking and driving and risking an OVI as law enforcement in […]

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Underage Drinking In Your Ohio Home

Summer break is upon us and college students will be home. With that comes one of the most significant risks: underage drinking. This is a problem all year, but it increases in the Summer and often among college students. There is a lot of underage drinking going on in homes all over Ohio. Many times, […]

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