Charged With a DUI in Ohio

Have you been charged with a DUI in Ohio? It’s frightening and it’s serious. The fear can paralyze people and lead them to make bad decisions. Take a deep breath and the first thing you should do is contact the best criminal defense attorney who will work tirelessly to build a strong defense. There could […]

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Felony Charges in Ohio

If you have been charged with a felony in Cincinnati, it’s in your best interest to reach out to a criminal defense attorney immediately. In Ohio, there are five levels of felony crimes ranging from F1 to F5, with Level 1 felony such as murder charge being the most serious with the most serious penalties. […]

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Testing at a Traffic Stop


Don’t drink and drive! With Uber and Lyft, there is really no excuse to get behind the wheel if you have had too much to drink. However, many of us, feel completely fine after a couple drinks and are able to drive. If you are pulled over and consent to test, you may test over the […]

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Hiring The Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Ohio

If you or someone you love is facing disastrous penalties or time in prison, you need to have the very best criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights.  No one criminal case is exactly like another, criminal defense attorneys are trained to pick out the special portions of each case that make them unique. In addition, […]

Beating a DUI Charge in Ohio

Law enforcement must have probable cause to stop, detain, or arrest you for a DUI.  Probable cause simply means that enough reliable information exists to support a reasonable belief that a person was operating a motor vehicle while under the influence. Did police officers observe you driving as if impaired— swerving across the road, driving erratically, […]

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False Accusations in Ohio

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime that you did not commit, it can be mind-boggling. We assume that we will not be accused of doing things we did not do and that the legal system guarantees that we won’t be falsely convicted. Unfortunately, false accusations are more common than […]

Three Huge Mistakes Not to Make at a Traffic Stop in Ohio

First and foremost, the most serious mistake anyone can make is driving under the influence of too much alcohol. Judgement is impaired and a decision made that can be costly, even fatal.
Three biggest mistakes any driver can make if pulled over by law enforcement:
1. Taking a field sobriety test. 

Law enforcement needs a traffic violation to be […]

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Marijuana and Driving

As marijuana becomes legal in more states, governments across the country are still searching for reliable ways to test for cannabis and its impact on driving. As of March of 2017, seven states and the District of Columbia have all passed laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use, yet none have reliable roadside toxicology tests that […]

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Underage Drinking at Ohio Colleges

Underage drinking in Ohio is a serious crime. The state prohibits anyone under that age of 21 from possessing, consuming or being under the influence of alcohol. Being charged with underage consumption is a familiar situation at many Ohio colleges. Holding an alcoholic beverage and/or being intoxicated in a public place is enough to sustain the […]

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Ohio Law If You Are Pulled Over

If you are pulled over by law enforcement, remember that the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution gives you the right to remain silent and not speak to police. As a criminal defense attorney, I offer you this advice if you have an encounter with police:

When you are stopped in a car in Ohio, […]

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