A drunk driving arrest in Ohio is more than a simple embarrassment: drunk driving charges can seriously affect your livelihood by the loss of your professional license or the way to get around town to do business, your financial security and your freedom.  If convicted, your driver’s license will be suspended;  you will have  fines and mandatory incarceration.  There will be complications involving the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to get your license back to valid status, and  quite possibly your job may be at stake.

Also, note that the term “drunk driving” is misleading. You do not have to be drunk and slurring to commit the offense. The only requirement per a judge to a jury is: “The accused consumed alcohol to the point that it adversely affected and appreciably impaired the person’s actions, reactions, or mental process under the circumstances then existing and deprived him/her of that clearness of the intellect and control of himself/herself which he/she would otherwise have possessed.

Without an excuse, you shouldn’t drink and drive. If you must drink, make sure you’re with someone who can drive you back home. According to statistics, about 40% of all fatal road accidents are alcohol-related. That is a huge number. The police know this and they are out to prevent another fatal road accident from happening by apprehending any driver that seems to be driving under the influence. The police will act and react in response to even the slightest hint of a DUI.

The Bottom Line: Don’t drink and drive. You should know, however that if you do get caught for DUI there is a way out of it or at least a way to avoid receiving harsh penalties.  If you are pulled over and you have had even ONE drink, remember to be polite to the officer, but know that you must remain silent. Do not take any tests. Remember, everything that happens from that point forward, every single detail will be used later in court.  Request to speak to your lawyer. The truth is, more people are arrested for drinking and driving and other alcohol-related offenses than any other criminal charge. Prosecutors take OVI and DUI cases seriously, but there are defenses to drunk driving charges. I am an experienced Ohio criminal defense attorney and I know many ways to help clients protect their rights and minimize negative consequences that may arise from a drunk driving arrest. Call me and I will do all that I can to protect your rights, from the moment you are arrested until your case is finished.  Put my number in your mobile: 513-260-2099.