The use of cocaine is a grave addiction that needs to be nipped in the bud if you have any hint that your kids or any family member may be using, possessing, cultivating, trafficking, distributing, selling or manufacturing it. The powder form is snorted and absorbed into the brain within 5 minutes. The high that is brought on by cocaine is the main reason it is used, although, it is seen to be used more socially now throughout groups of adults. The cocaine high involves psychological changes – It is an immediate pleasure experienced  and makes the person feel really good, giving them feelings of pleasure, confidence, and energy beyond what they normally experience — but like any addictive substance, it can also have very unpleasant and have many short term and long term effects. Within 60 minutes the feeling is gone.

Even a tiny amount of cocaine in a person’s possession, within Ohio, is a felony.  Often times, more than not, alcohol is consumed while using cocaine. The user, with the feeling that all is well in the world will get behind the wheel of a car leading to reckless decisions.  DUI’s, public indecency, disorderly conduct, and beyond occur.  A good criminal defense attorney will be needed immediately.  Often times felony drug cases can be worked out in the favor of a client if there isn’t a criminal history and a show of wanting to get clean.

The Bottom Line:  Ohio law takes drug charges seriously, and offenders face steep penalties if convicted. If arrested for cocaine, or any drug, the best thing to do is say nothing until you speak to your criminal defense attorney.  Your life, marriage, driving privileges, job, reputation, college education, financial aid and the list goes on are on the line.  Put my number in your phone. Let me help you.  513-260-2099