Our justice system calls for defense for any person who is charged with a crime, including a DUI and an OVI.  If you have been charged with drinking while driving, you need a good criminal defense attorney to protect your driver’s license, to stay out of jail, and your freedom. An experienced attorney in Ohio can even get the charge dismissed with an aggressive investigation.

People are human and make mistakes!  Everyone deserves a chance to be represented in court actively. With the proper legal help, a person will be able to drive, especially if he needs to drive to work every day to be able to take care of his family.  A college or high school student who got caught from a night of partying won’t have their lives turned upside down forever from a conviction.

Your options are not limited if you are pulled over for a DUI / OVI. Understand that you have the right to a good DUI / OVI attorney in Ohio that will investigate the entire situation. A DUI/OVI can be challenge many different ways. The arresting officer must have had a legitimate reason to pull you over with good reason to ask you to take testing. The testing has to comply with national standards and there are plenty of rules and regulations that MUST be followed. Failure to do any of them may mean that you are not guilty of a DUI charge.  You will be given every chance for a good and positive outcome.   The time is immediate to contact an attorney if you were pulled over.

The Bottom Line:  If you are pulled over and you have had a drink or two, I always stress that you should remain silent. Be polite. Give the officer the paperwork he asks for.  Don’t take any testing and have my number handy in your mobile to call, immediately.  513-260-2099