There is a “zero tolerance” policy in Ohio for operating vehicle if you are under the age of 21 and you have consumed alcohol.  Basically, you can be arrested if law enforcement is to find any alcohol in your system while driving. The legal BAC limit for juveniles is much lower than for anyone legally consuming alcohol; 0.02 or higher.  If are under 21, submit to a breath test and blow between a .02 and .08, you are likely to be charged with Operation of a Vehicle after Underage Consumption or OVUAC. If convicted you could be found guilty of a fourth degree misdemeanor and your license would be suspended from two months to five years.  Furthermore, the penalties are so extreme that you could spend some time in jail.

As a criminal defense attorney in Ohio, I have defended and counseled young drivers who have been in this situation.  Many times the young person was not actually impaired and the testing was incorrectly done.  The breath testing equipment that is used in Ohio is not the best and has flaws, including a percentage of error as well as other errors that can occur such as improper calibration, a faulty unit, or a test that has been improperly administrated.

I take an aggressive and thorough approach when I represent young clients. My first goal is to get you your diving privileges back as soon as possible.  I am dedicated to ensure that you don’t fall victim to false prosecution. I will advocate for you and protect your rights while creating a defense strategy to avoid a criminal charge that could affect your future employment and education.

The Bottom Line:  Everyone makes mistakes. Being charged with an OVUAC is a serious criminal offense and can be a scary experience. Your future is at stake, you need the very best, knowledgeable and experienced attorney to advocate for you.  Put my number in your cell, and call me to start looking into your case to be sure that the charges are legitimate.  513-260-2099