Many of us drink socially and all of us can find ourselves facing a DUI charge.  Unfortunately, Ohio has some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the country.  First time offenders can face 180 days in jail , $1000 in fees, loss of driver’s license for up to three years and enhanced penalties for any future convictions. A DUI / DWI / OVI will be on your record forever.  Anyone facing a DUI/DWI/OVI charge needs to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible for the best outcome. 

When you are pulled over, remain calm, confident and polite. Give the officer your registration, license and proof of insurance.  But do not answer questioning.  It’s your right to remain silent and ask to call a criminal defense attorney.

When asked to take a field performance test; don’t.  Even if you feel confident that you will pass them.  There are many different types of test that are administered including horizontal gaze; walking a straight line then turning, one leg raise, saying the alphabet, etc.  The truth of the matter is, law enforcement has already determined by your driving, your breath, your eyes and maybe even a small smell of alcohol among other observations, that you are under the influence.  These tests simply support their conclusion.  I have seen even the most sober people fail these tests.  The probability of passing these tests are unlikely.

You do NOT have to take the tests.  The consequence will be that law enforcement will consider you uncooperative and will arrest you. They would have arrested you anyway – tell the officer that your attorney advised you not to and you would like to call him.

Remember too, that you are free from any unreasonable search and seizure under the Constitution of the United States of America. Law enforcement will need a search warrant, period.  Do not consent to it – which I have seen happen. People get scared and don’t know their rights. Once you consent you lose almost all possibility of challenging that search.

The Bottom Line:  The penalties for driving under the influence are severe and a DUI charge can have serious consequences that could follow you through life.  You are not alone in this situation, I will work tirelessly to protect your rights and make sure you are treated fairly.  My goal is to do everything possible to preserve your rights, keep your record clean and prevent you from losing your freedom and your license to driver. Put my number in your phone.  Call me.  513-260-2099