It happens all the time.  The criminal defense attorney works in your best interest advocating for you and within minutes, the entire defense can be destroyed.  How?

Social Media.  Getting online and begin the conversation of your arrest by posting, boasting and bragging about the DWI, DUI, OVI charges.   There is NO privacy online, no matter how many buttons you push to control it.  Friends of friends see posts, and the next thing you know the prosecution has access to a profile.

Keep a Low Profile:   Limit your activities – especially if there is drinking available. Before your DWI, DUI, OVI hearing, you want to be as quiet as possible. It can be a negative if you are seen about town with a drink in one hand – even if you are drinking water – negativity breeds and pictures are taken and posted on social media platforms, newspapers, texts, words are twisted, etc.  You can’t cancel everything going on in your life, but be discretionary.

Driving:  Do not drive while your license is suspended. Violating this can mean monetary fines, increased jail time, or longer suspension.

Court Date:  Show up.  You don’t want a bench warrant issued for your arrest and the threat of jail time without bond waiting for trial. Not showing up for your court date would look like you are unwilling to cooperate and you simply don’t “care” enough about the severity of the charges.

Criminal Defense / DUI Lawyer:  You can’t do this alone.  You need one. Issues of license suspension, court dates, driving restrictions, codes, all of it – too much for anyone, other than a lawyer, to understand. You need an advocate to argue for you, cross examine and question every detail of your arrest.  For instance, the best DUI lawyers will know that some of the most common field sobriety tests are considered completely invalid as evidence – saying the alphabet, counting backwards, and touching your finger to your nose are not valid ways to determine intoxication. Additionally, breath tests are not always accurate. 

The Bottom Line:  A DUI/DWI/OVI conviction has the potential to ruin your career, your family, your life and your freedom.  The case is serious and the clock is ticking.  A charge can be beaten, but this advice should be heeded. Many people believe that if they are not read their Miranda rights that a DUI/DWI/OVI case will be dismissed.  Not true.  Miranda rights are read after being arrested – once someone is in cuffs, etc.  Furthermore, the rights really only apply to prevent the prosecution from using any statement a defendant may make that would incriminate him. Put my cell phone number in your phone:  if you are pulled over, as scared as you may be, the first and best thing you should do is call an experienced DUI Lawyer.  I can be reached all the time.  513-260-2099