It’s more common than you think:  False positive drug tests – whether you are taking one for a job acceptance, if you are pulled over by law enforcement as being suspected of  driving under the influence, or when you are serving probation and must be tested as a condition and if a positive result it would be a probation violation.  No matter what you had to take the test for, it is your right to contend it and you will need the help of the best criminal defense attorney in Ohio.

There are many reasons for a false positive, no test is ever 100% spot on and many time lab errors account for this.  I have seen Ibuprofen appearing as barbiturates, marijuana or benzodiazephines; flu and cough medicines as well as diet pills can appear as amphetamines; sleeping pills often come through as barbiturates; poppy seeds appear as morphine or opiates. The list is long.  If you have gotten a false positive on a test, know all the over the counter medicines you are taking as well as what you have eaten.

The Bottom Line: If you truly believe that you are the victim of a false positive drug test and the end result is criminal charges, you need to speak with the best criminal defense attorney in Ohio or you will end up being convicted of something you did not do. You could be accused of probation violation. Whether it is a criminal situation or not, it is your right to have an attorney look it over, do all the research needed and advocate for you. Call me as soon as you can, and let me help you.  513-260-2099