Cincinnati Lawyer, Scott A. Rubenstein

Attorney Scott A. Rubenstein

Getting an OVI in Ohio is a very serious crime. Your constitutional right is to have the aid of a criminal defense attorney, who will inform you of all your available legal defenses and to represent you in court. Never just assume you will be found guilty of an OVI, and never, ever plead guilty until you have consulted with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney who will get all the details of the case against you

The burden of proving the charge is on the prosecution.  You are not required to prove you are innocent. The arresting officer must have a valid reason for pulling you over or the case may be dismissed.  The officer’s decision to place you under arrest for an OVI must be reasonable and the officer must have complied with a set of protocols if you were administered a field sobriety test.

Even if you took field sobriety testing and the result was over the legal limit, your case is not closed. There are plenty of errors and omissions that can occur during the testing process. A good criminal defense attorney will examine the police report, the testing documents and any videotapes that may be available. It very may well be that the officer did not give proper instructions for the test, he may not have demonstrated them properly, the conditions may be that there were undisclosed physical limitations, or there may have been failure to comply with the many regulations and laws pertaining to the testing.

The Bottom Line:  Too many people enter a plea of guilty before consulting with a skilled criminal defense attorney. Many times, the smallest of details that an attorney will find are the very thing that saves an OVI conviction.  Put my number in your phone and call me as soon as possible. Any delay could result in missed deadlines for appeals and motions, lost evidence and plenty of other OVI defense opportunities.  513-260-2099