Criminal defense attorneys defend the rights of all sorts of people, from drug dealers to murderers. Often the general public views them with disparagement, but defense attorneys have an important role. It is the right of every American to have a fair trial, and it is the defense attorney’s responsibility to see that it happens.  Per the Sixth Amendment of our Constitution, everyone has the right to the assistance of counsel. Our Founding Fathers believed this to be THAT important.

In Ohio, criminal cases begin in a number of ways. A citizen complaint, an alarm drop, or whether the police happens upon a crime in progress, it all begins with police contact. This is when a criminal defense attorney should be hired immediately. Prosecution will start the gathering of evidence, collecting witness statements and obtaining all the written reports. The best criminal defense attorney can make the most dramatic impact during pre-trial intervention, as the police and grand jury prosecutor will know very little about the defendant.

There may come a day when you are arrested, and everyone is calling you guilty even if you aren’t. Your freedom is at stake but at the end of the day, you will have at least one person who will stand up for you and fight against the odds that are stacked against you. Our criminal justice system is not perfect. Law enforcement make mistakes and grand juries indict bad cases. When honest police officers are doing their best to objectively investigate crime they can’t prevent bad actors from levying false accusations for some ulterior motive.  People have been falsely accused of rape, domestic violence, theft/property crimes and even murder.

The more experience your criminal defense attorney has – one who has been practicing for a long time – the better off you will be. They often know the DAs and the judges, which are crucial during trials.

The Bottom Line: Hiring a skilled and accomplished attorney is the best decision you can make.  The right lawyer protects your rights, helps you navigate through a complex legal system, and ensures that you achieve the best possible result.  Zealous advocacy on behalf of the accused is absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of our criminal justice system.  If you are a loved one has been accused of a crime, hire the best attorney possible.  Put my number in your phone and call me.  513-260-2099