Top DUI Lawyer in Cincinnati

Charged with a DUI in Ohio? Think there is no way to beat the charges? Call an aggressive criminal defense attorney as soon as possible and learn how you can protect your freedom and your future.  Your employment now, opportunities in the future, auto insurance, criminal record, education and more are at risk and you must take immediate action to minimize the damage done, and possibly beat the DUI charge and getting it dismissed.  A lot of people have made the mistake of pleading guilty only to find out later on that they had a strong defense against their DUI charge.

Remember, you are considered innocent unless proven guilty. The prosecution must always prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.  There must be proof that the DUI stop was conducted legally. Was the breathalyzer test legit and working properly? A good criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in your case, with experience, proven trial skills, investigative resources, responsiveness and reputation for results. There are many factors that can go wrong with a drunk driving arrest: inclement weather, an allergy or pre-existing medical condition, a malfunction with your vehicle or a dangerous road can cause erratic driving that police construe as reason to stop you in traffic.

The best criminal defense attorney will get fully informed of all the details of the case against you. Were you read your Miranda rights? You are protected from answering any questions by law enforcement. If your rights were not read and you answered a question that incriminated you and was used in court, your answer may not even be admissible.  Were you pulled over legally? Was there probably cause to pull you over?

The Bottom Line: Traffic stops are not always warranted, and BAC tests are not always accurate. These and other factors weigh in heavily in a DUI defense.  I will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest to build your defense. Minimizing the damage of the DUI charge is paramount. Call me today. 513-260-2099