Do not drink and drive or let your friends / family do so, ever. Put together an exit plan from parties using a designated driver, uber, taxi, etc. There are plenty of options because even one drink can get you in trouble. Expect police throughout the state of Ohio to be ramped up for New Year’s Eve this weekend in an effort to remove drunk drivers from the roads. If you happen to be one of the many drivers who are arrested for drunk driving, you need a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney in Ohio, as soon as possible because the stakes are so high in cases involving first time as well as repeat DUI offenses.

You should also know that you do have rights if you are pulled over, remaining silent but polite and asking to contact a criminal defense attorney can help to make sure those rights are protected. There are plenty of defenses that can be used, but, you must take immediate action to minimize the damage done, and possibly even beat the DUI charge and getting it dismissed. How?

  • Were you pulled over legally? Police cannot pull you over without reason. There must “reasonable suspicion” that criminal activity has occurred.
  • Was there some other reason the client failed field sobriety tests. Many potential factors can lead to people performing poorly on field sobriety tests, including:
    • Being overweight or having a physical ailment
    • Poor footing or weather conditions
    • Restrictive clothing or unstable footwear
    • Poor coordination
    • Medication side effects
    • Medical condition
  • Were tests such as a breathalyzer, blood test or urine test administered properly? There are many possible reasons these tests may provide heightened BAC readings:
    • Improper maintenance
    • Equipment malfunction
    • User error
    • Health conditions
  • Does the prosecution lack evidence necessary to convict?
    • Remember, you are considered innocent unless proven guilty. The prosecution must always prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Was the police officer just out to fill a holiday arrest quota?

The Bottom Line: Don’t drink and drive. Even with one drink, people don’t realize how long it takes for alcohol to be absorbed into the body. Everyone is different, but the BAC concentration is no usually reached until 30-90 minutes after the drink is consumed. It can take time for the blood stream to carry the alcohol through the body.  This fact alone can have important implications in a DUI arrest. The penalties are extreme so calling a skilled criminal defense attorney in Ohio will build a strong case.  Call me as soon as possible: 513.260.2099