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Have you been charged with a DUI? You should always plead not-guilty. If you plead guilty to the charge, you will not have an opportunity to review the evidence against you, and you can’t change your mind later. You will be giving up any chance of evaluating whether the police did everything they were supposed to, the way they were supposed to, and when they were supposed to.  Pleading guilty will automatically let the police off the hook, even if mistakes were made. The conviction will become part of your permanent record which can lead to a lifetime of problems including effects on automobile insurance premiums, disability insurance, life insurance, professional licenses, immigration status, international travel eligibility, and education, as well as current and future employment.

Pleading not-guilty allows for a pretrial, which is a meeting with the prosecutor where your case can be argued by the best criminal defense attorney representing you. There will be an opportunity to argue your case –  from the law enforcement conduct at the time of the arrest to mitigating factors – and will try to have the charge dismissed or reduced.

After a DUI arrest in Ohio, too many people enter a guilty plea and then find out that a good criminal defense attorney could have built a strong defense that could possibly have beaten the charge. There may have been a small detail that would have been the very thing that saves them from being convicted.

The Bottom Line: After an experienced criminal defense attorney has been able to go over all the details of your arrest, he will know just what to do and find all the possible ways to fight and beat your DUI charge. Never blindly plead guilty to a DUI charge in Ohio until being completely informed. Call me and let me examine all the information. If there is any evidence that can be shown as invalid or mistaken, the charges against you must be dismissed.  513.260.2099