If you or someone you know is ever charged with driving while under the influence, you need the very best criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. Too many mistakes can be made by law enforcement at a traffic stop and a criminal defense attorney will be able to determine if the steps taken before a charge were lawful.

It’s incorrect to believe that because someone failed the testing they should automatically plead guilty.  There are plenty of reasons why the tests administered might not be admissible in court:

  • Did the officer have the appropriate reason to stop you? If not, all the evidence collected after the stop, including any testing, is excluded.
  • When you were stopped, did the officer ask you to take any testing without the appropriate reasons? If not this may invalidate the test and make it inadmissible.
  • Was the test impropropery administered? If this is the case, then the result is unreliable and inadmissible.
  • Was the chemical test administered but the equipment not properly maintained and calibrated? If not, the test is unreliable and inadmissible.

Your rights need to be defended by a skilled criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with an OVI in Ohio. At an arraignment, your attorney should ask for discovery upon the prosecutor. The diligent criminal defense attorney will review discover, investigate and determine if there are grounds for a suppression motion in your case.

The Bottom Line:  Routine traffic stops happen every day in Ohio. Not every stop is considered lawful. In order for an officer to pull anyone over for a suspected OVI, there must be probable cause that the driver was under the influence. Give me a call. I will be prepared to aggressively challenge the prosecution and will be relentless in upholding your best interests. I will collect all the facts and details surrounding your stop and arrest and put together a defense strategy that gives you a much greater chance of a favorable case outcome. 513.260.2099