A good criminal defense attorney in Ohio can tell you that the information we put on social media does much more than inform our friends of what is going on in our lives. The information can be used against us if we are charged with a crime. Imagine being charged with a DUI and just moments before posting “selfie” pictures of drinking on social media. Or, maybe our friends have just posted incriminating pictures. Digital cameras and our smartphones have made it easier than ever in history to photograph every minute of our lives.

Even if you or your friends haven’t posted a photo regarding your evening, checking into a bar or other place that alcohol is served is data that can be used to prove you were somewhere prior to an arrest. A location has been established, at a definite time and makes it so that little effort is needed for the prosecution to get information against you for a trial.

The best criminal defense attorney will tell you that not only can your social media presence hurt you, it can damage your defense in any type of criminal case. Content is damaging because it is so accessible. Depending on your privacy settings, anyone can search your name and find out what you have been up to.  Even with the highest level of privacy settings, there could possibly be a friend who easily takes screenshots of posts and shares with the wrong person and eventually the prosecution ends up with evidence.

The Bottom Line: Police officers, prosecutors, and investigators will look for any shred of evidence against you they can find in a criminal case. Including a simple Google search that will come up with all the social media profiles in your name. There is nothing stopping prosecutors from using the information, posts, photographs, and videos on your social media pages against you in a court of law. A skilled criminal defense attorney will examine your social media information and put together an aggressive defense strategy and protect your rights.  Call me: 513.260.2099