“I don’t want to answer any questions until I contact my lawyer” can be scary to say if an officer is pointing a flashlight at you, but that is exactly what is the best thing to say if you are pulled over, arrested or are in any other accusatory situation. This is your right in the United States of America, thanks to the foresight of our founding fathers and the perseverance of lawmakers since then.  

OVI Stop: As soon as the decision is made by law enforcement to pull a person over for an OVI, observations will be made and put into a police report. To initiate the stop, the officer has already noted something that he thinks shows driving drunk or impaired driving. If asked to step out of the car, the driver must or face the possibility of being charged with resisting arrest. Always be polite, friendly and hand over drivers license and registration if asked. The anxiety of getting pulled over is something police officers are trained to use against the driver. In this kind of situation, people are far more likely to incriminate themselves, particularly if they are not telling the truth. The best answer to any question is to exercise the right to call a lawyer and do nothing else but call the best criminal defense attorney.

Search & Seizure: Being pulled over for something such as a missing tail light or another mechanical violation on your vehicle and then being searched because the officer thinks he smells marijuana or alcohol is a reason to claim unreasonable search and seizure. People try to talk themselves out of this situation which leads to nothing good – it’s best to call a criminal defense attorney and be silent.

The Bottom Line: If you are detained or arrested during a traffic stop, you have the right to the best criminal defense attorney.  You should immediately inform the arresting officer that you would like to speak to an attorney and that you intend to remain silent until you have spoken with counsel. It’s your right. Call Scott: 513.260.2099