College students who are charged with crimes can face consequences that go far beyond spending the night in jail. Many people do not realize that a criminal conviction or guilty plea will result in a permanent criminal record, which can affect your child’s college career, including internships as well as applying for a job out of college. These effects can last for the rest of his life. Even crimes that occur off campus can have immediate as well as lasting negative effects.

Common criminal charges faced by college students include:

Drug Crime Charge: From marijuana possession to prescription drug fraud or drug manufacturing, college students commonly face drug charges.

Drinking charges: Underage drinking frequently leads to serious academic sanctions, and driving while intoxicated (DWI) can land students in jail.

Property crime charges: Stealing, robbery, burglary, car theft, vandalism, piracy — these are all charges college students face, often because of ill-gotten pranks, dares and drinking.

Hate crime charges: Prosecutors have charged more college students with hate crimes than ever before, often tied to the misuse of social media and cellphones.

Sex Crime charges:  Assault, rape, statutory rape, and other sexual assault charges are a reality for many college students — charges that can lead to students’ expulsion and lifelong challenges.

It is rare that a college student goes through his or her college years without making a mistake or two. Some types of mistakes, however, are criminal in nature and require attention from a defense attorney. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Ohio can help students prepare for a disciplinary hearing while developing the strongest possible defense to the criminal charges.

Unless the student is under 18, any college student charged with a crime will be tried as an adult.  Your child has a right to know the charges, the right to a preliminary hearing, and the right to a jury trial. All defendants are presumed innocent. Many times, the campus police fail to follow proper legal procedures and ignore your child’s constitutional rights. When it is possible, a good criminal defense attorney will work to accomplish a solution that will not leave a criminal record but will address the misconduct. Examples include community service and making the student attend improvement courses, such as anger management or courses that focus on drinking and driving.

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