The possession, sale, manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs are all serious criminal charges that can have life-changing consequences. Drug offense convictions in Ohio can preclude student loans, and affect credit and job applications. Every drug crime case is unique, from the circumstances leading up to arrest to the potential punishment if convicted. Small details can make a big difference in sentencing. Attention to detail can also mean the difference between prison and your freedom. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney in Ohio who can tell you where you stand and challenge the prosecution’s case to position you for the best outcome.

Whether you have been charged with a marijuana crime, a prescription drug crime, or another misdemeanor or felony drug crime, you need the best criminal defense attorney that will consider every possible avenue of defense, including:

  • Diversion programs or intervention in lieu of conviction programs
  • Examining the legality of the search in which evidence was taken
  • Questioning the circumstantial evidence
  • Checking for flaws in the analyzation and measurement of the drugs taken in

The Bottom Line: Scott Rubenstein has the experience and the knowledge to question the evidence against you and to investigate how that evidence was obtained. He has the ability to exploit any flaws present in the prosecution’s case and fight for a reduction or even a dismissal of your charges. Scott will meticulously prepare for your case and aggressively defend you against a variety of drug crime charges.  Call today: 513.260.2099