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What To Expect From the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

You will need the best criminal defense attorney to help you fight any criminal charges.  The facts of your case will be reviewed,  law enforcement’s arrest report will be scrutinized, witnesses gathered and be your advocate during court hearings.  Beyond defending all your rights, criminal defense attorneys are able to negotiate with prosecutors to possibly […]

Social Media Used Against You

Are you under investigation?  Facing prosecution?  It’s 2014 and times are much different than they were even 5 years ago. It’s best that you are well aware that anything you post on any social media platform can and will be used in courtrooms.  It’s all too often that inappropriate details of day to day lives […]

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Everyone Makes Mistakes – Expungement

Everyone makes mistakes.  If you are eligible, in Ohio, you will get a second chance by getting your criminal record expunged and nothing will ever again show up when your record is checked. The Ohio Statue states that the offense shall be treated as if it never happened.  There are a few exceptions, so it […]

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Fourth of July Festivities

The Fourth of July, Summer time and a day off work is the perfect trifecta to entice people to drink too much alcohol at parties all over America.  Unfortunately, many people then get behind the wheel and go see the fireworks at dark, and then maybe hit another party before the night is over.  Mistakes […]

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Supreme Court Rules Search Warrant Needed for Cell Phone

Groundless searches when law enforcement would just pull a cell phone out of a pocket of someone being arrested and dig around looking for something illegal has been affirmed as unconstitutional.   Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that police in most cases must get a warrant from a judge before searching a cell phone. While obtaining a […]

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Right to a Jury

If you have been charged with a crime, remember, according to the Bill of Rights you are  presumed innocent and the burden is on the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  You have the right to remain silent, the right to confront witnesses who are offering testimonial evidence against you in the form of cross-examination […]

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Students Caught Drinking Underage

Drinking alcohol under the age of 21, known as “underage alcohol consumption”, “underage alcohol possession”, “prohibition”, “underage intoxication”  is the most common criminal charge for young people in Ohio.  Law enforcement has little tolerance for underage drinking.  If you are  caught possessing or consuming alcohol in public, expect the law to be enforced, even on […]

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Avoid Being Pulled Over and Being Given a DUI

As a criminal defense attorney in Ohio, I have seen it all.  You may not be aware of this, but law enforcement can’t just pull you over randomly. There needs to be a justification for it, so the most important thing for you to do is not give them a reason to pull you over. […]

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Drug Crimes

Drug crimes will need the best criminal offenses, which include misdemeanors and felonies, relating to controlled substances for both illegal street drugs and prescription medication. The sale of drugs, possession of drugs, distribution, trafficking, cultivating and manufacturing are specific typed of drug crimes and the best criminal defense lawyer is needed for anyone facing these crimes. The […]

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Beating a DUI / OVI

Arrested for a DUI or OVI in Ohio or Kentucky?  While you have reason to be concerned, I want to offer you encouragement as an experienced DUI attorney in Ohio.  I know exactly what to look for to protect you and your rights and assure you that I will diligently defend the charges that have […]

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