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Why Do You Need A Defense Attorney?

Do you need a criminal defense attorney in Ohio or Kentucky? Are you facing criminal charges – of any kind? You need to understand the charges brought against you, the defenses that are available to you and if you may have the opportunity to plea bargain, in addition to understanding what needs to be done […]

Graduation Parties and Alcohol

Class of 2014.  The graduations are beginning all over the state of Ohio.  Seniors in college and high school will be ready to celebrate and law enforcement are taking active roles in enforcing the alcohol laws to make sure that these graduates, their friends and families are being responsible.

It is one of the most memorable […]

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Driving While Intoxicated

Our justice system calls for defense for any person who is charged with a crime, including a DUI and an OVI.  If you have been charged with drinking while driving, you need a good criminal defense attorney to protect your driver’s license, to stay out of jail, and your freedom. An experienced attorney in Ohio […]

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Pulled over for drunk driving in Ohio?  Almost everyone has legal problems in their lives.  Pull to the side, safely, using your turn signal, and if at possible to a lit area.  Keep your hands on the wheel so that law enforcement can always see them. Only get the information he asks for, WHEN he asks […]

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Annie’s Law For First Time DUI

The “Annie’s Law” bill making its way through the state legislature, is still in committee in the Ohio House. The law was named for an attorney in Chillicothe, named Annie Rooney, who was killed by a drunk driver last summer. Her family has spent months pushing House Bill 469, also known as Annie’s Law.

What is […]

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Drinking and Driving

Tonight, as you enjoy a couple glasses of wine with your friends, you probably aren’t even worried that you could be pulled over on your way home. It wouldn’t matter anyway because you are fine. It is just a couple glasses of wine.  But, tonight could be the night you see the flashing red and […]

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Falsely Accused?

Just because allegations are levied, does not mean that charges will be formally filed. Often times officers exercise discretion at the scene, or upon a closer review of the evidence, the grand jury chooses not to indict. It is important to remember, however, that your innocence does not protect you. When innocent people are confronted […]

Jail Alternatives for Drug Offenses

Ohio has acknowledged that for some drug crime convictions, drug rehab is the better alternative than jail time.  We are seeing it happen in the courts and it should and will greatly reduce the overpopulation in the prisons which are overcrowded because they are filled with non-violent offenders who have been convicted of drug crimes.  […]

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Drinking and Driving in Ohio

If you are driving after even ONE drink, you must remember your rights in Ohio. First, you have the right to remain silent. You have the right to refuse any breathalyzer testing.  Most importantly, you have the right to call your Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney, right there, on the spot.  I preach this weekly. It’s amazing how […]

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Has Law Enforcement Violated Your Constitutional Rights?

Both the Federal and State Constitutions endow every citizen with fundamental rights. These include the right to be free from illegal search and seizure, the right against self-incrimination, and the right to the assistance of counsel. An experienced Ohio criminal defense attorney is charged with the duty of protecting the rights of his or her […]

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