If You Are Pulled Over By Police In Ohio Do You Know What To Do?

If you are stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence in Ohio, do you know your rights? Your actions at the time of your traffic stop could mean the difference between a jail sentence and walking away from this incident with no consequences. You should be prepared in the event that you are pulled over […]

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Holiday Drinking Advice

We are officially into the holiday season, 2018. Many parties to attend from Thanksgiving to the New Year with friends, family and coworkers. If you aren’t careful you might end up with a charge of driving under the influence as you drive home from one of the parties. OVI, OUI, DWI, SUI arrests are at their […]

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Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ohio

Scott Rubenstein offers experienced legal advice and representation in the following areas: DUI, Sex Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Drug Crimes, Violent Crimes, Federal Crimes, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Crimes, Theft Crimes, Property Crimes, BMV Suspensions, Hit & Run, Warrants, Probation Violations, and Sealing Records/Expungements and other criminal matters.

If you or your family member is charged with […]

Every Case is Defensible

There are many criminal defense strategies available after the facts and the circumstances of the case are reviewed, for a criminal defense attorney to use to win. Defendants are innocent until the prosecutor can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Mistaken Identity: A witnesses identification is not always correct. This happens more often than not.

Accident: A […]

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Criminal Records Expunged in Ohio

In Ohio, expungement is the same as sealing a record. It is a legal process provided under Section 2953 of the Ohio Revised Code that allows one to have any and all references to a prior criminal conviction cleared and their court file sealed. The result of this process is as if you were never convicted […]

Don’t Drink and Drive

There must be a probable, valid cause for law enforcement to pull over a driver. Does the vehicle have expired tags? Did the driver run through a red light or not stop completely at a stop sign? Was the driver speeding or swerving? Does the car have an equipment violation like a burned-out tail light? […]

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Reasonable Suspicion Vs. Probable Cause

Law enforcement must follow the law when stopping or arresting drivers. There are two different legal standards that apply to OVI stops and arrests: Reasonable Suspicion and Probable Cause.

Reasonable suspicion is acceptable suspicion that a crime has been, is being, or will be committed. It is a reasonable belief based on facts or circumstances and is […]

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Labor Day OVI


It’s Labor Day weekend and law enforcement is out in full force as the last of the”100 deadliest days for teens”, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day comes to an end. Be prepared, stay out of the driver’s seat if you plan to even have one drink.  The best way to avoid a DUI […]

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OVI in Ohio

Don’t drink and drive. If you go out and are drinking alcohol, get a designated driver in place or prepare to use Uber, Lyft or a taxi service. If you have never been convicted of an OVI, you can’t imagine and understand the consequences of having an OVI conviction on your record. It can impact […]

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OVI Checkpoints in Ohio

In Ohio, checkpoints are determined by police where they will set up traffic cones and barricades to stop vehicles and check for suspected drunk drivers. These checkpoints must adhere to many guidelines. For instance, police will check every other vehicle, or every third vehicle, etc. The driver stopped will be checked by the officer for […]

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