Falsely Accused?

Just because allegations are levied, does not mean that charges will be formally filed. Often times officers exercise discretion at the scene, or upon a closer review of the evidence, the grand jury chooses not to indict. It is important to remember, however, that your innocence does not protect you. When innocent people are confronted […]

Evidence and Social Media

Facing prosecution or under investigation? Be extremely aware that what you have posted on any social network is more often than not, making into courtrooms all over Ohio, as well as the rest of the country. It’s not just teens that are posting incriminating information.  Pictures of an innocent mom’s night out with wine has […]

Social Media Posts

Father of teen jailed for Facebook terroristic threat talks to CNN

Justin Carter, the 19-year old teen charged with terroristic threat on Facebook, is on suicide watch after being jailed since February 14th. His father, Jack Carter, joined New Day to defend his son against the charges, while acknowledging that he understood why law enforcement had to investigate. […]

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Social Media and Criminal Defense

The Steubenville, Ohio case.  Everyone, it seems, knows all about it at this point. It was unknown until it came to national attention and was “trending” in every social media outlet there is.  There were videos, photos, posts, hashtag trends on twitter and more of an underage girl that was allegedly sexually assaulted at a […]

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Juveniles and Sexting

“MADEIRA, Ohio – Hundreds of students are believed to be involved in recent “sexting” cases at Madeira High School.

Madeira police just wrapped up two investigations surrounding the incidents. In these cases the “sexting” involves students sharing cellphone photos of nude or sexually involved minors.

The first case occurred in late January, and involves an underage male […]

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“Not My Kid” Syndrome

It seems that whether the issue is drugs, alcohol, bullying, risky driving, media consumption, or sex, studies are showing that parents consistently underestimate their own kid’s interest or participation in these behaviors.  In one recent study, researchers found that parents severely underestimated their teen’s drug and alcohol use. And, in a 2010 study researchers found that many […]

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