Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Your life is turned upside down when you are charged with a criminal misdemeanor or felony charge and you will want the very best criminal defense attorney.  Facing criminal charges isn’t the same as trying to fight a traffic ticket. Don’t try to do it alone and don’t settle for any attorney. You need a criminal attorney […]

Choosing A Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorneys defend the rights of all sorts of people, from drug dealers to murderers. Often the general public views them with disparagement, but defense attorneys have an important role. It is the right of every American to have a fair trial, and it is the defense attorney’s responsibility to see that it happens.  Per the […]

DUI & Social Media, The New Informant

Social Media has become a prevalent part of our lives. Tweeting, Instagramming, Snapchatting, YouTubing and updating your status on Facebook are just some of  our daily routines and unfortunately leads to incredible amounts of over-sharing of personal information which more often than not becomes evidence in criminal investigations. As a criminal defense attorney in Ohio, I can tell […]

Miranda Rights Protect You From You!

Even the innocent can be made to look guilty if too much is said during an arrest.

If you are arrested, whether you are guilty of the crime or not, the best and only thing you should tell the police is that you wish to call your criminal defense attorney.  Stay calm and be polite – law […]

Mistakes Made After an Arrest

The way our criminal justice system works in America is a person is innocent until proven guilty. However, it is possible for an innocent person to be aided with a disastrous defense and convicted of a crime. The system is not perfect, so it is of utmost importance that you hire an experienced criminal defense […]

Defending Students Charged with Drug Crimes

If your son or daughter is in college and has been caught with drugs, you must find the most experienced criminal defense attorney you can. Drug charges can be the one of the biggest problems for students. If he/she is charged with a drug crime then convicted they could lose their financial aid, expelled from […]

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The Importance of a Criminal Defense Attorney

You will need the best criminal defense attorney in Ohio if you have been charged with a crime. You need one that has the experience and knows the way around the criminal courts and will be able to face and offset the efforts of an aggressive prosecutor whose only concern is to convict you.

A criminal […]

Miranda Rights Explained

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense it is important for you to know your rights.  As a citizen of the United States, you have rights to how you can be treated by police and all throughout your court process. In Ohio, you need a criminal defense attorney to understand your […]

What To Expect From the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

You will need the best criminal defense attorney to help you fight any criminal charges.  The facts of your case will be reviewed,  law enforcement’s arrest report will be scrutinized, witnesses gathered and be your advocate during court hearings.  Beyond defending all your rights, criminal defense attorneys are able to negotiate with prosecutors to possibly […]

Why Do You Need A Defense Attorney?

Do you need a criminal defense attorney in Ohio or Kentucky? Are you facing criminal charges – of any kind? You need to understand the charges brought against you, the defenses that are available to you and if you may have the opportunity to plea bargain, in addition to understanding what needs to be done […]