If you believe that criminal charges are about to be filed against you, it is always to your benefit to call 513-241-7460 and speak with a reputable criminal defense attorney for advice and guidance as soon as possible.

Criminal defense attorney Scott A. Rubenstein is dedicated to providing reliable legal representation for clients located throughout Cincinnati and the surrounding Counties. Mr. Rubenstein is a reputable attorney with fifteen years of experience in both the trial and appellate courts of Southern Ohio.

Scott A. Rubenstein has been helping clients throughout Southern Ohio to contest their criminal and OVI-DUI charges and has obtained superior results for many years. He promises 100% confidentiality. As a skilled criminal defense attorney, he is fully prepared to undertake your or your loved one’s case today. When he works with his clients, he does everything possible to make sure that they receive the attention, resources, and dedicated legal counsel that they deserve.

Mr. Rubenstein focuses his practice on all criminal and OVI/DUI matters. When his clients retain his services, they can be confident that they have hired a knowledgeable, distinguished, and tenacious lawyer that will place every effort into helping them avoid a criminal conviction and keep them out of custody.

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OVI/DUI Offenses

Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (“OVI”) is the new name for driving under the influence (DUI) in the State of Ohio. The charge constitutes the criminal offense of operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol, or operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. Learn more…

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Before Charges Are Filed

The Law Offices of Scott A. Rubenstein can review your case and discover evidence or mitigating factors that may be used to your advantage before charges are filed. After carefully screening your case, your lawyer may be able to present substantial evidence or mitigation to prosecutors that will dramatically effect how your case is charged. Learn more…

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Firm Overview

At The Law Offices of Scott A. Rubenstein, we are dedicated to safeguarding our clients’ individual rights and obtaining the best possible case outcome on their behalf. Mr. Rubenstein is exclusively responsible for defending all of his client matters in Ohio’s State and Federal Courts. As a former felony criminal and appellate prosecutor who has been practicing law since 1999, he has handled hundreds of criminal cases–both trials and appeals. Learn more…

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