Fighting DUI Charges in Ohio

DUIs, also known as OVIs, are serious charges in Ohio. Whether it’s your first OVI or you’ve already been arrested for drinking and driving in Ohio, you face serious penalties if convicted, including mandatory jail time. Because of the severity of DUI related crimes and their consequences, it’s vital for you to take any of [...]

Defending an OUI in Cincinnati, Ohio

While most law enforcement officers try to do the right thing when checking for impaired driving, they are prone to bias and mistakes that, left unchecked, could devastate your future. Scott Rubenstein can help defend you through many different methods: Law Enforcement did not have a reason to pull you over in the first place. [...]

Did Police Read You Your Rights in Ohio?

Most people believe that if when they are arrested and not "read their rights," they will not be punished. This is not completely true in Ohio. But if the police don't read you your Miranda rights, the prosecutor can't use what you say as evidence against you at trial. The purpose of the Miranda warning [...]

College Student Criminal Defense

  College students who are charged with crimes can face consequences that go far beyond spending the night in jail. Many people do not realize that a criminal conviction or guilty plea will result in a permanent criminal record, which can affect your child's college career, including internships as well as applying for a job [...]

Drug Crimes In Ohio

The possession, sale, manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs are all serious criminal charges that can have life-changing consequences. Drug offense convictions in Ohio can preclude student loans, and affect credit and job applications. Every drug crime case is unique, from the circumstances leading up to arrest to the potential punishment if convicted. Small details [...]

Holiday Parties in Ohio

With a few more weeks left in the holiday season of 2019, there are still plenty of parties to attend. If you aren’t careful you might end up with a charge of driving under the influence as you drive home from one of these celebrations. Criminal defense attorneys are busy right now because drinking and [...]

Hiring the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense, a permanent criminal record can make it difficult to move on with your life.  Law enforcement and the prosecution have already begun building a case against you if you have been arrested. It is essential that you contact an aggressive criminal defense attorney to take prompt action [...]

What to do if You are Pulled Over in Ohio

Don’t drink and drive. If you go out and are drinking alcohol, have a designated driver or prepare to use Uber, Lyft or a taxi service. If you have never been convicted of an OVI, you can’t imagine and understand the consequences of having an OVI conviction on your record. It can impact your entire [...]

OVI Charges Reduced to Wet Reckless in Ohio?

If you've been arrested for drunk driving it can result in severe penalties. Not only could you serve jail time, pay expensive fines and get your driver’s licenses suspended, but you could have a DUI on your permanent record. It's all very daunting but remember with the best criminal defense attorney at your side that [...]

Defense Rights During Trial

Due Process essentially is the rights afforded to private citizens in protecting them from erroneous or unsupportable attempts to “deprive them of life, liberty, and happiness”. Through legal precedents, the rights afforded citizens regarding the federal government in the Bill of Rights has been extended to protect citizens from state governments as well. The most [...]

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