You will need the best criminal defense attorney in Ohio if you have been charged with a crime. You need one that has the experience and knows the way around the criminal courts and will be able to face and offset the efforts of an aggressive prosecutor whose only concern is to convict you.

A criminal defense attorney will do the following for you and your case:

  • Will gather and review all the evidence and decide whether it was obtained legally. If so, your lawyer will try to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the charges, negotiate a deal (plea bargain), even reduce potential sentence or eliminate some of the charges brought against you.
  • Will meet with law enforcement and the prosecutor to understand the charges filed against you
  • Will challenge any search warrants and decide if law enforcement had probably cause to get any evidence.
  • Will represent you at preliminary hearings on the charges.
  • If you must go to trial, your attorney will start interviewing witnesses that may be called to testify against you, all the while looking for holes, problems with their backgrounds and inconsistencies in their statements. Also, will be able to find and hire “expert witnesses” that will be able to present evidence that would show your innocence or invalidate evidence the prosecution presents.
  • Will design a good sentencing program in the event you are found guilty.

 The Bottom Line:  If you are arrested and are being charged with a crime, you need the very best criminal defense attorney in Ohio.  Having the most skilled and aggressive representation is critical. Call me.  My tireless dedication to my clients and my experience in criminal defense in Ohio will help you to negotiate the best possible deal for you to consider.  Put my number in your phone – 513-260-2099