Are you being charged with a crime that has involved marijuana? If you are in possession of less than 100 grams in Ohio, it is a minor misdemeanor offense. This means you won’t go to jail but will be punished with a maximum fine of $150 and a mandatory driver’s license suspension for as little as 6 months and as much as 3 years. The worst part can be the long term effects that can follow you through life: employment opportunities, reputation, credibility, college financial aid, college admissions, insurance rates, buying a house, renting a home,  etc.  If you are ever arrested again,the sentencing will be worse.  You need a good criminal defense attorney in Ohio.

Ohio watches closely the action of law enforcement.  There are times that the search and seizure of marijuana does not conform with Ohio and Federal law and are in violation of the Fourth Amendment of an individual.  This could be your case and the charges will be dismissed.  The criminal courts in Ohio are lenient on the first time offender.  There are alternatives that may be available to you. You need a criminal defense attorney in Ohio who is experienced in this situation.

The Bottom Line:    My goal is to avoid a permanent criminal record that will follow you around for life. There shouldn’t be a negative impact on your life.  People make mistakes.  It happens. There could be misconduct or illegal behavior by law enforcement, in which case we can file a motion to dismiss the charges against you. Put my number in your mobile and call me.  513-260-209