Marijuana use is not a new concept.  Humans have been using it forever and about half of the US adult population has tried it.  But, it is prohibited under the law.  If law enforcement finds it on a person, the pursuit, arrest, charge and conviction will be relentless. It is an illegal drug in Ohio and depending on the offender’s charges, penalties can be brutal.

When a marijuana case is tried, the state prosecutor must meet a significant burden and prove every element of the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.  If they can’t do this, the charges may be reduced or even dismissed.  Also, law enforcement often violate procedural requirements when arresting alleged offenders.  If this is the case, charges will probably be dropped.

Evidence of marijuana is often concealed, confiscated, destroyed or lost.  Sometimes, negligent or willful actions by law enforcement looking to charge or convict can lead to evidence tampering.  If the evidence is derived from an unlawful search and seizure or obtained as the result of an improperly executed warrant, or is in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Marijuana is illegal in Ohio and under federal law.  Many states are legalizing it or decriminalizing it, but still not legal here, so, if you are traveling into Ohio from a state where it is legal,  you are still held to the same penalties associated with marijuana use, possession, distribution, trafficking, cultivation and more.

An arrest and charge does not mean that you will be necessarily convicted.  There are plenty of defenses to marijuana charges that can result in a dismissal.

The Bottom Line: Evidence and memories fade.  It is important that you act immediately in hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney.  I will help you find the best defense strategies possible. Put my number in your mobile and reach me anytime: 513-260-2099