Do you need a criminal defense attorney in Ohio or Kentucky? Are you facing criminal charges – of any kind? You need to understand the charges brought against you, the defenses that are available to you and if you may have the opportunity to plea bargain, in addition to understanding what needs to be done if you are convicted.

Please know, it is everyone’s legal RIGHT to be assumed innocent unless proven otherwise. It is the foundation of our criminal justice system.  Everyone has a right to a trial, and it must be started with the assumption of innocence.

As a criminal defense attorney, I am committed to finding justice for my clients and I will work diligently to prove it to a jury.  I can represent any person charged with criminal conduct or have a lawsuit filed against them.  Once I am hired:

o   It is my duty to poke holes in the prosecution’s case and bring about every possible reasonable doubt.

o   I will work with the prosecutor to try to negotiate a deal or a plea bargain and try to reduce the potential sentence or even eliminate some or all of the charges brought against the person

o   I will evaluate a good sentencing program for the situation, in the case that a guilty verdict is found – whether it be a reduced prison sentence or a drug treatment facility, etc.  If a plea bargain is the best possible outcome for the situation, I will work with the prosecutors to negotiate the best deal possible.

o   I will be sure that if law enforcement conducted any search that it was lawful regarding the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

o   I will gather all the evidence and statements from witnesses to prove the case, as well as analyze every aspect of the evidence that will help the case.

o    I will explain everything clearly and be sure that everything is understood, at every stage in the case.

The Bottom Line:  Being charged with a criminal offense is truly one of the most stressful things that can be experienced in a person life.  I will be there.  Whether I meet my client in my office, visiting in jail or just being in court, it’s a guarantee that I am someone that can be spoken to and relied on.  Put my number in your mobile, call me any time:  513-260-2099