First time caught with marijuana and scared about what might happen? Of course, anytime there is a potential for prison time is frightening.

Being caught with marijuana is fairly common in Ohio but it is a controlled substance with a very low risk of dependency so Ohio treats it accordingly. The best thing to do is to contact a criminal defense attorney who will be able to offer find sentence alternatives and hopefully avoid having a permanent criminal record.

If you are a first time offender you need to be aware that there are plenty of programs available to you through the Ohio Drug Rehab Centers. In some cases, you may be able to participate in a conditional release program.  This would involve taking drug awareness classes and drug rehab but would let you keep your driver’s license.  Once completed the marijuana arrest would not show up on your record.

Additionally, a criminal defense attorney can look at the entire situation. The circumstances of your case.  Did law enforcement have a specific reason that you were pulled over and then searched?  Were your Fourth Amendment rights honored? Why were you searched?  There must be specific facts and an attorney will be able to dig and find if the entire stop was legal.

The Bottom Line: The first thing you should if you were caught with any amount of marijuana is to contact the best criminal defense attorney in Ohio. Never enter a plea or take any other action if it can be avoided. Charges can have a huge effect on your life, education, career and even your ability to drive. Take my number and call me; let me review all the facts of your arrest and weigh your options.  513-260-2099