The way our criminal justice system works in America is a person is innocent until proven guilty. However, it is possible for an innocent person to be aided with a disastrous defense and convicted of a crime. The system is not perfect, so it is of utmost importance that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Many times, mistakes made by the defendant can be a part of an unjust conviction.

  • As a defendant, the best option is to not be too active in your own defense. Trust your criminal defense attorney, as he should be well versed in state and federal law, as well as being familiar with the local courts. His instinct and experience will allow him to successfully defend your case.
  • Never, EVER discuss your case. This is most important, yet breached all the time, whether on the phone, by text or on social media, whatever is discussed usually ends up in court.
  • A competent, experienced criminal defense attorney will do all that he can to keep his defendant from testifying. When on the witness stand, after being charged with a crime, it is almost always challenging to look innocent. Even though you are presumed innocent, the jury is rarely perfect, and will be skeptical of every word out of the defendant’s mouth.
  • Hiring the least expensive lawyer is never a good idea. Do your homework; there is a reason he is charging the least.

The Bottom Line:  As a criminal defense attorney, I am well aware that people make mistakes. If you are facing criminal charges, let me stand by your side, look out for your best interests and protect your rights. When you are being prosecuted for a crime, you need an advocate. Call me: 513-260-2099