A DUI, even as a first-time charge, can change a life for years to come. A criminal conviction can have a serious impact on a person’s future. There may be fines, incarceration, difficulty in finding a job or even keeping one, financial aid for school and more. There is good news, however, contacting the best criminal defense attorney can help defend a person’s rights and take steps in protecting their record.

Many people who are charged with a drunk driving or driving while under the influence charge, based on a failed sobriety test believe they are guilty. Not always. In a court of law, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty and the burden of proof rests on the prosecution who must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt unanimously among all jurors. Furthermore, a BAC level of .08 or greater does not automatically result in a conviction for a DUI. There are too many factors involved including when the level was obtained relative to the time pulled over, the accuracy and maintenance of the machine, etc.

An experienced criminal defense attorney has the responsibility to present the circumstances that will create that reasonable doubt to the sobriety test. There are many defenses, including that the person is, in fact, innocent. Nobody should plead guilty.

As part of their investigation, the police may ask to speak after an arrest. No one is obligated or required to do this without a lawyer present. If approached by police, always be polite but decline and give the name and number of a criminal defense attorney.

The Bottom Line:  Being charged with a DUI can be one of the most traumatizing experiences of a person’s life. If not handled properly, by a skilled criminal defense attorney, a DUI or DWI can cause serious life-altering changes. Many people believe that once they’ve been convicted of a DUI all hope is lost.  Truth being, even if convicted, we can uncover options no one even knows they have. I have plenty of experience representing clients facing Ohio DUI charges using integrity and innovative strategies to get their sentence lessened or even dismissed. Call me. 513-260-2099