Being involved in any criminal prosecution is scary.  It’s important to make smart decisions because the consequences can be far-reaching and hard to overcome. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney that will have only your best interests and can advise you as to whether you should take a plea bargain if you are given the option, or not.

A plea bargain is very common in the American legal system and is an encouragement that is given by the prosecution to the defendant to plead guilty. This option should only be undertaken in circumstances where the evidence is unfavorable against the defendant and once the criminal defense attorney believes that this is the best option.

The benefits of a plea bargain are many, the number one reason being that the defendant would be trading risk for certainty. If the case went to trial there is always the possibility he might get off but it’s also possible that he might face the maximum sentence. Avoiding jail time is a big reason to plea bargain.

It’s important to remember that a plea bargain is a contractual agreement between the prosecutor and the defendant. If either party fails to uphold their end of the agreement, consequences will follow. If the defendant in any way fails to comply, the prosecutor may revoke the agreement and re-file charges. If the prosecutor breaches the agreement, the defendant may either seek to have the guilty plea set aside or the defendant’s attorney may request a court order compelling the prosecutor’s compliance.

The Bottom Line:  You want to be sure to analyze whether the offer you have been given is really in your best interest. The best criminal defense attorney will investigate all the evidence against you and determine whether there may be ways to dispute the charges against you. Occasionally, plea bargains are offered because the evidence against you is insubstantial and the prosecutor believes they might lose at trial. Call Scott:  513.260.2099