Don’t drink and drive. If you go out and are drinking alcohol, have a designated driver or prepare to use Uber, Lyft or a taxi service. If you have never been convicted of an OVI, you can’t imagine and understand the consequences of having an OVI conviction on your record. It can impact your entire life. There may be fines, incarceration, difficulty in finding a job or even keeping one, financial aid for school and more. What should you do if you see the flashing lights behind you?

  • Pull over. Find a safe place. Officers begin making observations immediately when they suspect that someone has been drinking and is driving. Anything a person does goes into the report. Be safe, pull over in a safe spot, and turn off the engine.
  • Be calm. Do not make any suspicious movements. Again, officers are observing everything a person does. Do not make any suspicious movements like trying to hide open alcoholic beverages or drugs. The best policy is to keep one’s hands on the steering wheel.
  • Be polite. Be cooperative and polite. Arguing with the police officer will not help one’s situation. If an individual is hostile, combative, rude, etc., officers are more likely to arrest them even if their blood alcohol level is not above the legal limit. On the other hand, do not be too talkative or complimentary. This can also arouse suspicion.
  • Only provide minimal information. Do not incriminate yourself, but tell the truth. You are required to give the officer your name, driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance, but you are not required to tell the officer if you have been drinking, how much you have been drinking, etc. One way to answer these other questions and still be polite is to simply say something like, “I am sorry officer, but I have been advised not to answer any further questions.”
  • Call an attorney. It is extremely important to get legal representation before attempting to fight an OVI. Call an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney in Ohio who regularly handles these cases.

The Bottom Line: If you are pulled over the first thing you should do is call Scott. There are very few things as scary as having your freedom on the line. All criminal cases have different factors and the state’s attorney must prove them beyond a reasonable doubt. The criminal justice system is designed for everyone to plead not guilty. Let Scott examine the evidence and find any errors made by law enforcement. Let him negotiate with the prosecutor.  513-260-2099