What To Do If The Police Think You Have Committed A Crime

First of all, if you think you are suspected of any involvement in criminal activity, contact a criminal defense attorney in Ohio.  Protecting your Constitutional Rights is paramount and innocent or not, law enforcement is going to try to convict you.  At the beginning of their investigation, they and the prosecutors will already be convinced [...]

George Zimmerman’s Acquittal – How?

George Zimmerman's verdict of "not guilty" was inevitable due to the absence of clear facts about the circumstances of Martin’s death. The jury made a fair call in light of the evidence provided, but that the case raised important issues, some of them still unresolved.  A good Criminal Defense Attorney in Ohio, can bring the facts [...]


Under an Ohio Supreme Court ruling this month, prosecutors can keep DNA on file to use as evidence for future cases, even if there was an acquittal on the charges for which the DNA was taken.  When you hear about DNA evidence in the criminal justice system it typically involves those wrongfully accused being exonerated [...]


When the Trayvon Martin case became a national story, it attracted a lot of attention to Florida’s "Stand Your Ground" law and implicitly every other state’s laws that determine when you can kill someone legally. Locally, the case raises a question: Under what circumstances can a person kill in self-defense in Hamilton County and avoid [...]

“Stand Your Ground” Law in the Trayvon Martin case

Surely you have all heard about the recent death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida on February 26.  It has already become an occasion for national discussions on racism in America, police misconduct, and Florida's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law George Zimmerman is the suspect in this case, though he has yet to be charged. [...]

Domestic Violence

A variety of offenses, including assault, battery, and false imprisonment may fall under the general headings of domestic violence or domestic abuse. Domestic violence in Ohio can be an allegation of physical violence causing injuries, or just the possibility of injury. Over the past few years, law enforcement has developed new policies, the court system [...]

Never Make Statements To Police Officers Without An Attorney

Accordingly, we believe that in our role of law-abiding citizen, we should be fully cooperative with the law enforcement officers who were summoned on-location to investigate whatever has taken place.  However, we couldn't  be more wrong, as it is probably the worst thing we could possibly do. Police Officers Are Not Your Friend At The [...]

Assault and Battery

It is amazing how quickly mole hills become mounds, small tiffs become fights, and seemingly small charges become life long disabling marks on your record. Having an assault and battery charge against you is a red flag for any employer, landlord, future in-laws, etc. Never should you take a misdemeanor assault lightly or a felony without protecting [...]

Ohio Sees Drug Rehab as Safe Alternative to Prison

Ohio is the most recent state to acknowledge that, for some convicted of drug crimes, drug rehab is a far smarter alternative than prison.  Governor John Kasich signed a bill that could allow thousands of prisoners to leave prison early to attend drug rehab. Ohio’s corrections system now holds about ten thousand more prisoners than [...]

Your Miranda Rights.

Your Miranda rights, you’ve heard them read on television a million times and probably know them by heart, but do you know when you must be given these rights?  Do you know when you have them? Just for some background, the Miranda Rights were spawned from a 1966 Supreme Court Decision involving a defendant named Miranda. [...]

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