First of all, if you think you are suspected of any involvement in criminal activity, contact a criminal defense attorney in Ohio.  Protecting your Constitutional Rights is paramount and innocent or not, law enforcement is going to try to convict you.  At the beginning of their investigation, they and the prosecutors will already be convinced that you are guilty and they will have all sorts of facts to support that allegation.  You may end up in jail convicted of a crime you had nothing to do with.

Meet with a good criminal defense attorney immediately.  Do not answer questions that law enforcement may ask you, but be polite.  Never volunteer any information or your version of what went on, even if you have been convinced that you will not get into trouble.  Don’t bother saying how many drinks you may or may not have had. There are plenty of methods used by law enforcement that are effective when they face an uninformed person.   The only thing you need to do is identify who you are, show your ID, and if in a car, show your registration and proof of insurance.   Kindly and politely say you would like your attorney present before you answer any questions.  That is it.

Don’t lie or obstruct an investigation; say nothing but don’t get in their way.  Do not think that by giving information on anything will help you even when they say it will.  The United States Constitution protects you and your right to remain silent.  If you lie, however, it is a crime, even if you have done nothing else wrong.  Lying will get you on a fast track to jail.  There are plenty of stories you can google to see how many innocent people end up in prison for lying.

The United States Constitution keeps law enforcement out of your private areas.  Don’t waive those rights.  If law enforcement asks to look in your trunk, come in your house, open your garage or anything else, deny it.  As friendly as they may seem, they are digging for information to use against you. Remember – they don’t want in to prove you are innocent.  If you let them in, you have waived your rights and anything they find, while going through all of your personal belongings, they will use in court.  Make them get a search warrant and call a criminal defense attorney in Ohio.

The Bottom Line:  I say it every day.  I post it on all social media platforms.  I blog about it.  Do not speak when you are faced in a situation where you are compromised with law enforcement.  Always be polite, no matter what, but remember you have a right to remain silent and you should and must exercise that right, innocent or not.  Put my number in your mobile and know that I can always be reached if I am needed.  513-260-2099