Are you being investigate? Questioned? Are you suspected of criminal activity? There are steps you can take to help yourself, and steps you should leave up to a good criminal defense attorney.

Remember to always respect law enforcement, but remember your rights.  When you act in an aggressive or antagonistic way during a confrontation, it could quite possibly only end up in more criminal charges and can impact your case in a negative way. Give them your name, identification, and if asked your registration and insurance card.   Don’t lie about who you are because that is a crime.

At times law enforcement will intimidate you into doing a search of your person, your vehicle, your purse, your suitcase, briefcase, etc. and you should NOT consent to the search of anything. Be respectful, but decline.

You may be threatened by law enforcement saying that they will get a warrant or bring in a police dog to the scene.  Still, be respectful, but decline the search.  If they begin to search you, it is wise not to push them away, or engage in any type of physical flap.  This could and has in the past with other people, ended up being very dangerous besides resulting in additional criminal charges and a punishment that is worse.

When faced in any situation with law enforcement, the only thing that you should do is give them the information they need regarding identification, registration, etc, but please remember your rights.  You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.  The only thing you should say is that you would like to call your criminal defense attorney immediately.  Stay quiet.   You can NOT talk yourself out of many, if not all, situations when you are dealing with law enforcement.  Trying usually only brings on more trouble.

Why silence? Anything you might say could be used against you. Cases start building and evidence is pulled together, starting with anything you say. Quite often, law enforcement has a camera, as well.  No matter what, remain respectful as you await an attorney to help you.

The Bottom Line: If you are arrested, try to remain calm and remember all of this information. As soon as you are pulled over, observations are being made that are put into a police report.  Call me as soon as possible.  Put your number in your mobile, I can be reached at any time: 513-260-2099