The most common drug crime in Ohio is possession of Marijuana.  Many people believe that marijuana should be legal, however, in Ohio, it is not and the law is strictly enforced and if even the smallest amount is found on a person it can have a huge impact on their life if there is a conviction.  Mandatory driver’s license suspension and a drug related criminal record along with a sentence imposed by the judge if a person is convicted.  This could have an incredible negative effect on a professional license, financial aid for education, employment opportunities, credit and beyond.  An experience criminal defense attorney in Ohio is needed.

There are many circumstances to each case, and most likely several possible defenses that could be argued in court.  For example; when you were pulled over, did law enforcement honor your Fourth Amendment rights? Did they pull you over for speeding and then search your car resulting in marijuana being found? Was there reasonable suspicion that you committed a traffic violation before being pulled over?  Maybe not, which would make the stop invalid and the case to be thrown out. If your home was searched and marijuana or paraphernalia was found, had they a right to search in the first place?   Remember: You can not be pulled over just on a hunch by law enforcement!  That is a violation of your constitutional right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure. If there are not any facts that led them to believe a crime was committed, the case could be thrown out.  What about your Fifth Amendment rights?  Were they honored? Were confessions made in violation of them? Was there inconclusive circumstantial evidence? Incorrect analysis?

As a criminal defense attorney in Ohio with much experience,  I will look for the availability of a diversion program or intervention instead of a conviction.  In many cases,  Ohio criminal courts are typically lenient on first time offenders and offer pre-trial diversion and other sentencing alternatives to qualified defendants.  I will research all of the prosecution’s evidence and decide whether they have a solid, strong case or not before we discuss the possible defenses.  Whether you have been charged with marijuana possession, manufacturing, cultivation or trafficking, I will provide a tough defense for you. Being caught with Marijuana may not result in prison,  but the consequences and stigma may ruin your reputation.

The Bottom Line:  If you or someone you know has been charged with a marijuana crime in Ohio or Kentucky and hope to avoid or reduce those consequences, you will need a successful criminal defense attorney that has knowledge of  defending  against marijuana charges.  Put my number in your phone and know that I can always be reached:  513-260-2099