Cincinnati Lawyer, Scott A. Rubenstein

Attorney Scott A. Rubenstein

The result of a DUI, OVI, DWI, or OMVI conviction can have serious ramifications. In Ohio, the sentence includes a mandatory driver’s license suspension, mandatory jail time and a mandatory fine.  Occasionally it will include a yellow license plate or ignition interlock. For sure insurance rates will be effected.  A conviction is on a person’s record permanently and will effect future employment, professional licensing, schooling, and more. A good and experienced criminal defense attorney in Ohio, who knows the police, the prosecutors and the judges will help you navigate through the process, protect your rights and begin a strong defense from the moment of arrest.

There is no reason to ever plead guilty to a a DUI, OVI, DWI or OMVI.  If you haven’t consulted with a criminal defense attorney and have already plead guilty you can’t change it once you are sentenced.  There are many defense strategies to fight the charge in Ohio that people don’t realize are available.

If you took the breathalyzer and failed in Ohio, it does not automatically mean you are guilty.  These machines have proven time and time again to not be perfect and often times they are not maintained or administered as required.  An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to suppress that evidence against you after looking though the details.

The Bottom Line:  If you are pulled over by police, the best thing to do is remain silent and not take any tests.  However, many people believe even after only one drink they can beat the breathalyzer, when in fact they can’t.  Remember always that it is not about the number of drinks you have had. 

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