If your son or daughter is in college and has been caught with drugs, you must find the most experienced criminal defense attorney you can. Drug charges can be the one of the biggest problems for students. If he/she is charged with a drug crime then convicted they could lose their financial aid, expelled from the school, and completely derail any academic endeavor. Then, the record will follow them through life.

The atmosphere at college is full of temptations and new situations. Mistakes and misunderstanding run rampant on campuses all over the country.

There are many options to challenge a drug charge. Beginning with the circumstances of the arrest. Were there any oversteps by law enforcement or did they even had a legal way and reason to search the student?  A criminal defense attorney will search for all information and provide a thorough and strong defense with a focus on reducing, dropping the charges or negotiate alternatives – traffic school, chemical dependency counseling, etc.

The Bottom Line:  If your student has been charged with a drug crime, the outcome in court will be critical in determining his/her future academic career as well as in the job market.  You need the best criminal defense attorney in Ohio to help fight and protect their future as well as fight to keep a conviction off of his/her record. Call me; I will absolutely present a complete, comprehensive case against the charges and work diligently to defend their rights and freedom every step of the way.  513-260-2099