If found guilty of a criminal offense, you are potentially facing jail time, significant fines and even forfeit of property, including vehicles and other valuable possessions. It’s paramount that you choose the best criminal defense attorney who has the court experience, litigation success and expert knowledge of the law that is essential to ensuring you receive the best defense and personal outcome.

Your conduct throughout the legal process can weigh on the outcome of the case as well; another reason to have proper representation. Once charged with a crime, prosecutors may use intimidation tactics on those accused, as the average person often lacks knowledge of certain legal processes in the criminal defense system and litigation. Everything said and done is possible evidence, so you absolutely need the best support navigating the complex legal system and being cognizant of all your activities and decisions prior to and during a court proceeding. Prosecutors and defense attorneys often hold negotiations during the case to determine whether the case will go to court or be settled through a plea bargain. A plea bargain often benefits an individual charged and can result in a reduced sentence or fine. So, it is in the best interest of any defendant that a defense lawyer access all possible outcomes and options for their defendants.

The Bottom Line: Hiring a skilled and accomplished attorney is the best decision you can make.  The right lawyer protects your rights, helps you navigate through a complex legal system, and ensures that you achieve the best possible result.  Zealous advocacy on behalf of the accused is absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of our criminal justice system.  If you are a loved one has been accused of a crime, hire the best attorney possible. Call me right away.  I will stand up for you and fight against any odds that are stacked against you. Law enforcement makes mistakes and grand juries indict bad cases. When honest police officers are doing their best to objectively investigate a crime they can’t prevent bad actors from levying false accusations for some ulterior motive.  People have been falsely accused of rape, domestic violence, theft/property crimes and even murder.Put my number in your phone: 513-260-2099