Sometimes, people are wrongfully accused of a crime, and end up in jail if the steps leading up to trial aren’t handled properly. Ignore the thought that hiring a criminal defense attorney will make you look guilty. It’s the opposite: Hiring an attorney early in the investigation will mitigate risk and increase your chance of being proven innocent. If you have been falsely accused or charged with a crime, find the best criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. No one is immune from false accusations, no  matter what they are. From a case of shoplifting or petty theft, or an accusation that would put you in jail for years to life, such as rape or murder. All can lead to serious consequences that will affect your future employment and education opportunities.

If you are accused of a crime you didn’t commit, don’t start claiming loudly your innocence and make excuses for why it couldn’t have been you.  Simply state: “I need to call a lawyer.”  That is all.

After retaining a criminal defense attorney, DO:

  • Select any and all physical evidence relating to the incident or events that you are able to gather, such as clothing, photos, videos, messages, texts.
  • Get all the documents or records that could relate to the case, such as letters, emails, financial or legal records, phone and GPS records, records that might show where you were at the time of an incident (twitter, facebook, Instagram).
  • Was there any evidence at the said crime scene?
  • Make a list of possible witnesses – any person you think has information about the incident, the accusations, or the alleged victim – and obtain the witnesses’ contact information.

After retaining a criminal defense attorney, DON’T:

  • Destroy evidence that you think could hurt you!
  • Try to talk to the victim about the case or have any contact with the victim or witnesses!
  • Talk to law enforcement or other investigators without an attorney present!
  • Voluntarily submit to any testing, such as DNA tests; or give any evidence to law enforcement without consulting with a lawyer first!

The very best criminal defense attorney can get your charges dropped. However, there are many times when someone that is falsely accused will have to go through formal proceedings to prove their innocence. When you win the case, you may even sue for defamation of character after the trial.

The Bottom Line: The sooner you call a criminal defense attorney to be nvolved in your case, the better. There are important decisions to be made and rights to be protected immediately.  If you hear that the police are looking for you, call me before responding to them. I will find out if they want to question you as a witness or a suspect. If you’re a suspect, I will make sure the police know you are not to be questioned without me because any statements made can be used against you. Call me. 513.260.2099