Pulled over for drunk driving in Ohio?  Almost everyone has legal problems in their lives.  Pull to the side, safely, using your turn signal, and if at possible to a lit area.  Keep your hands on the wheel so that law enforcement can always see them. Only get the information he asks for, WHEN he asks for it.   Next, you must do your best to remain calm, do not panic, no matter how anxious you feel.  Take a deep breath.  Many mistakes happen by quick decisions that are made at the moment law enforcement steps up to your window.  Don’t try to talk yourself out of getting a DUI – don’t say any more than he is asking of you.  Give your name and address, but don’t be tricked into saying where you were or where you are headed.  NEVER say you have had any alcohol or drugs.  Often times, I represent drivers who admitted to “one drink”.  No need to lie about it, just don’t answer any questions – your only reply should be that you are going to have to speak with your DUI lawyer before you go any further.

If  the officer asks you to step out of the car, remain as calm as you can and do so, but refuse any tests, even if he does not tell you what kind they are.  There are none that you are ever “required” to take in the state of Ohio.  Do not be intimidated.

These are the four rules you should memorize:

  1. Be polite.  Give law enforcement the paperwork he is asking for.
  2. Remain quiet. Do not answer any questions, at all.  The only thing you should say is that you need to speak with your lawyer.
  3. Do NOT take any tests. Do not let law enforcement talk you into even a quick breath test.
  4. Call a criminal defense / DUI lawyer in Ohio.

Mistakes happen.  One glass of wine can get you in trouble, there is no discrimination.  Clients range from blue collar to white collar, male & female, respected senior members of the community and underage young people, retirees, physicians, construction workers, homemakers and college students. No matter who you are, I will zero in with skill and intensity for the best possible outcome.

The Bottom Line:  Being pulled over for DUI is an awful and terrifying experience. But if you know your rights, it will make the situation less awful. If you have made the unfavorable choice to get behind the wheel after a drink, and you are pulled over, remember to remain polite and silent even though you are no doubt, scared. Don’t panic. Remain calm. Don’t take any tests. Ask to call your attorney. 
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