Almost 12, 000 people die every year in DUI/OVI related accidents and almost 900,000 people are arrested each year for DUI/OVI – a third of those are repeat offenders.

If you have more than one drunk driving conviction it will certainly change the intensity of the charge. For this reason, you need a good criminal defense attorney in Ohio or Kentucky that knows the process and what options you have.

It is not illegal to drink and drive in Ohio.  It is only illegal if the alcohol has impaired your ability to drive. The state has the burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your consumption of alcohol impaired you. If you have been drinking and you do NOT feel impaired and have been pulled over, do not take the tests that law enforcement will offer to you.  If you blow over a .08, you will be charged even if you are able to drive and feel no effect from the alcohol.

You do not have to plead guilty or accept any DUI/OVI conviction and the consequences that come with that.  Many people plead guilty just to put the charges behind them. Unfortunately, this charge will follow you through life.  You can’t get away from it and no one can afford a drunk driving conviction.

A good criminal defense attorney in Ohio or Kentucky can challenge the charges against you.  There are plenty of defenses.  Did law enforcement have probable cause to stop you? Were the procedures used legal? Did you take any testing? The results could be inaccurate due to the type of test used. You need your rights defended.  Your livelihood depends on a good outcome.

The Bottom Line:  Whether this is your first time or not, you do not have to be intimidated by the legal process.  The case needs to be taken seriously, however, when you work with an experienced attorney, the   priority is to find a way of creating reasonable doubt. Put my number in your mobile, I am available always.  513-260-2099